Let the Crazy Child Write!

I’m often asked to suggest a good book for writers. LET THE CRAZY CHILD WRITE! by Clive Matson is helpful to writers of all types and levels of skill. It focuses on letting your inner, playful, self take over description and sensory details. It’s available at Amazon both as a book (new or used) and a Kindle download.


About Penny

Penny Durant is the award-winning author of CHILD OF EL SALVADOR, narrative nonfiction set in the late 1980s in civil war-torn El Salvador and New Mexico. She has also published nine childrens books, and is a frequent workshop provider, novel writing teacher, editor, and critiquer. She has written two adult novels, "true life stories." Two of her pieces have been put to music by composer Michael Mauldin and performed in the region.
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2 Responses to Let the Crazy Child Write!

  1. Paula Paul says:

    Very attractive, easy to navigate web site. I’ll be contacting you soon to hire you to do the editing of my literary novel. For those of you who are just getting to know Penny, she has edited my work before, and she is thorough and knowledgeable. She compares excelently with editors I’ve had at Harper, Berkeley, and NAL.

  2. Jean Jenkins says:

    Congratulations on your blog. And thanks for the recommendation of a book on writing–I’ll pass on the link to your blog to my writers’ group. Sounds like a helpful resource.

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