Quotations: #2

“Fool!” said my muse to me, “look in thy heart, and write.”

-Edmund Spenser


About Penny

Penny Durant is the award-winning author of CHILD OF EL SALVADOR, narrative nonfiction set in the late 1980s in civil war-torn El Salvador and New Mexico. She has also published nine childrens books, and is a frequent workshop provider, novel writing teacher, editor, and critiquer. She has written two adult novels, "true life stories." Two of her pieces have been put to music by composer Michael Mauldin and performed in the region.
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2 Responses to Quotations: #2

  1. Bev Weiher says:

    Penny, I love your page! It really makes one want to stop and look around more, which I hadn’t done since having my students at Cal Lutheran go to the malls and watch teenagers and see what they observed about them. I used to do that, too. (I do most of my shopping online now so don’t get to malls much.)
    Anyway, I had to laugh when I read your remarks about the romance books! I volunteer in our library on Saturdays and am always amazed at the number of romances some of the women check out on a regular basis. I tend to smile at the covers which featured handsome, half-dressed men with gorgeous women. The covers and their contents seem to all follow the same themes!
    I read Lisa Scottoline, J A Jance, Jeffrey Archer, and recently read a book called “Child of Salvador” by Penny Durant. It was a real eye-opener!
    Thanks for your page. I’ve bookmarked it! Bev

  2. Penny Penny says:

    Bev, thank you for commenting and being so supportive! We walk in the mall just about every morning. It’s level, which Omar’s doctor thought would be a good idea for his sometimes-hurting hip.

    I think the mall observations is a great idea. Teenagers out on their own, trying out different personas, not sure how to get the attention of others.

    Thanks for reading CHILD OF EL SALVADOR. If you feel you can say something nice (as you’ve already done) would you write a review on the site where you got the book? Those reviews really help.

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